True Brits

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Style has meaning. Fashion can command the world’s attention. The heritage of a country is imbedded in its garments. Messages are delivered from the streets to the palaces and that is why we love the TRUE BRITS. We take you to England for a spirited look at what has formed their legacy in fashion.

We look into the history of British style through multiple lenses as any good tradition and movement cannot be pinned to one influence. London has given us design heroes that have broken ground to become legends in their own right. Dame Vivienne Westwood recently drove a military tank to the Prime Minister’s home village to protest environmental rights. In the same season, she delivered a show rife with all the notes of cultivated punk in floral veils and sequined kilts paired with floral overcoats modeled by dauntless female and male models. Alexander McQueen was unrivaled in his artful and ethereal collections that have most recently been housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in a solo exhibition entitled Savage Beauty.

British designers are ever quick to name the musical and literary muses that reign from their homeland. In the seventies, Joy Division and The Clash reinvented the costume of the streets. White tee shirts got tight and leather suspenders held up high water pants. Denim and leather jackets donned political statements and combat boots became a staple. The Stones had our hearts afire in their white tailored suiting and bohemian wide brimmed hats. Authors like Henry James gave us a lesson in how to walk through English Gardens, weep with armored dignity and left us with a lilt on our tongue of delicate descriptions. British poets have long given us a dreamy language to imagine we are wafting through heavy fog in green fields with roses blooming for our beloved.

Baby & Company brings you the contemporary efforts of accomplished British designers Margaret Howell, Nigel Cabourn, Antoni & Alison and You Must Create. They reflect their weighted past while sweeping us forward with their own gleaming eye. To be truly British is to be an individual above all. To take influence where it finds you and stitch it into your own contemporary philosophy of style with meaning.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
-John Keats

Editorial team—
Models: Katharine Wimett, Liz Pleasant, Lana Kraljevich, Thomas Keane
Photography and art direction: Christina Hicks
Styling: Kimberly Douglass
Words: Brit Parks


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