INDA Creations

Ritual Wraps

$ 40.00


INDA Ritual Wraps are perfect for clearing out bad energies with smudge wands and make a beautiful house warming gift! 

-Burn the smudge stick and palo santo to cleanse and protect your living space using the abalone shell as a bowl.  

-Activate over a home altar to create a ritual space. Energies are enhanced with the accompanying crystal quartz and selenite wand. 

-Crystal Quartz, the universal healer, can open, balance, and energize all the chakras.  It amplifies energy to store, release and regulate all the while cleansing the body and your space. 

-Selenite is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It calms, brings deep peace and can bring mental clarity. Selenite protects a person and their space from outside influences.

All ritual wraps are wrapped in hemp and include : INDA Smudge Stick, Abalone Shell Smudge Tray, Palo Santo Stick, Selenite Wand, Loose Crystal Quartz and an INDA Strike Spark Heal Matchbook. 

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