Baby Does Paris

As our own Jill Donnelly hits the streets of Paris for men's fashion week, she's keeping an eye out for the latest upcoming trends from the fashion capitol.

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Laundry Lesson: Our Tips for Keeping Whites Extra Bright

Just like fresh snow in this city, our white garments don't always stay white for too long. Is there a way to restore them to their former glory, or are we destined to embrace the grey tinge that was once so gleaming?

Never fear! We're here to help with a Laundry Lesson of our favorite tested tips on refreshing those whites to make them white once more. 

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Happy 40th Birthday, Baby!

Born in 1976 at the hands of Baby and Uri Burnstyn, Baby & Company proudly celebrated its 40th year supplying Seattle with exclusive designers and their relaxed, yet meticulously styled European spirit.

What began as the forging of a pioneering aesthetic within a neighborhood that embraced the same longing has evolved into a sophisticated boutique mirroring its cosmopolitan, world-famous Pike Place district.

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Reviving the Age-Olds: Why Loungewear Is the Evening Look for Holiday

As a 1931 issue of Vogue once declared “A woman may and does wear pajamas to quite formal dinners in her own house, to other people’s dinners in town or country if you know them well, and the younger and more iconoclastic members of the female sex even wear them to the theater.”

There’s something acutely charming about donning a luxe pair of tailored loungewear to a fête; a sense of insouciance and ease in reinterpreting the ubiquitous party frock. Apart from the obvious sartorial inclinations, this trend ultimately lends itself to idle, versatile wearability.  Dress yourself comfortably for party prep, spend the night out and return home to wind down all in the same bellwether ensemble.

Image courtesy of Laura Urbinati.

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Host Easy

A relaxed host is a great host, so how do we stay calm and deliver an excellent fête? Take some cues from a discussion with our own skillful/master entertainer, Jill Donnelly, on what makes a bash sing (hint: it has to do with rhythm and imbibing the five senses).

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Disco Daze

Looking back, Baby & Company owner and buyer Jill Donnelly recounts her beginnings saying, "forty years ago, the store introduced me to a world of fashion I had never seen before--my view of clothing would be changed forever more. Each season my friends and I could not wait to see what crazy fashion Baby would bring into the store. And then there were the displays! Sand covered floors with canvas tents and changing rooms and paper mâché sea creatures with portholes painted on the display windows. Suddenly, other clothing stores felt boring." 

Always the explorer, exposure to worldly brands like Castelbajac, Chevignon and Fiorucci shaped Jill’s curiosity for international fashion, sparking her to continually invite her tribe to ‘expect the unexpected’. Today we remain explorers of emerging designers and apparel brought to us each season to discover, and are invited to share the rosy lens that Baby first peered through on a sleepy corner of Seattle back in 1976. On it’s 40th birthday Baby & Company invites us to stay imaginative, open and curious for whatever comes our way.

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R13: The reinvention of grunge.

R13 Deconstructed Bomber

Emerging from the realms of anonymity, R13’s designer Chris Leba takes credit for putting the brand’s urban-grunge aesthetic on the street-chic map. Launched in 2009, the label leaves their storyline to be defined by their cool-girl denim styles rather than the reputation of their once-Senior VP of Ralf Lauren (an elusive trick used in the past by industry giant Margiela, pre-Galliano).

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The Art of Hosting

Hosting is an art form. It is a curated mix of meticulously chosen tastes, scents, decor and guests. We offer our treasured ideas and approaches on making an event distinct and gracious. Keep your mood inspirited and your guests will follow suit.

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Low Key Habits: Simon Miller

Rinsed in natural intentions, finding a befitting connection to modernism as a movement, Simon Miller is a label committed to authenticity and taut with ruminations on the natural world and its influence on design.

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An Intentional Exchange


Oxidized panels sever the arcadian museum campus of Storm King Art Center, three hundred contiguous acres gifted in the artistic revolt of the sixties. A revolt that gave a legitimized forum to public art despite its obvious lack of collectability. 

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Weighted Chronicals

Margaux Lonnberg is Paris-bred and Paris-clad. Her collection wanes in weighty charcoal wools in long lean coats, sharp shouldered in modern form. 

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The Turn Loose: Patti Smith

To many the poetic Mother of punk. The storied, inseparable lover of Robert Mapplethorpe. A style icon of seventies New York girls borrowing from the boys. An unrivaled source of originality, Patti Smith was a shy poet and artist that took to the stage with a whisper starting a quiet riot with her lullaby to growly poetry.

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Caravaggio Transfixed: Light and Shadow

The master of the stark in depth of shadow and height of light. A teller of ancient sacrifice and solemn existences. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was the rebel-clad Father of chiaroscuro, the shift from light to dark with little intermediate color.

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Stellar Undoing: Kim Gordon

A true legend of the progressive earth shattering unknown, Kim Gordon is the Mother of the musical avant garde. A long standing text-driven artist, she is a an out spoken feminist and the epitome of girl power. 

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Vivid Shebang: Nigel Cabourn

A collector and connoisseur of vintage military wares, Nigel Cabourn, is the reigning master of tried and true design established by workers and wartime heroes.

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Transcendental Materialism: Lee Krasner

Medium as material and material as weight. A weight that is the collective thrust of the intellect deciphered and abstracted in paint. Lee Krasner is one of the few women ever given the prestige of a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

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