Our Story

We firmly believe the word COMPANY is at the heart and soul of our brand.

If you are reading this it means we’ve asked you to keep company with us, to share in our journey as we express our intentions to customers new and old, people we love, respect and appreciate.

It all began with a loving sentiment. “I love you, Baby.” From the start Baby & Company has been a great romance, a magical blend of intimacy and discovery.

We’ve always uncovered new designers, blended worlds of inspiration, and welcomed those willing to share in the story. Over the years our central character hasn’t changed, but our approach has. Where once we scavenged, now we curate.

Forty years ago Baby & Company broadened the fashion lens in Seattle through an eclectic marketplace. Today, with respect and reverence for the craft of design, we magnify the intelligence and artistry of newly found designers and those we trust to push themselves—and us—to evolve beautifully. Because Isn’t that what life and love are all about?

Oh, you’re looking good, Baby.