About Us

Photograph by Aaron Leitz

At Baby & Company, we build our ethos upon the expression of beauty. It is not strictly the surface that concerns us—we subscribe to the depths, the logic of survival and the pursuit of the sublime. Our tribe is brave, and we honor their work. What we wear is a reflection of who we are. One day it may be as effortless as a white tee shirt and jeans; the next, a dress that seems to have been taken off the gallery walls and tailored to a beautiful likeness of the form. We choose not to play the fashion game but to uphold the authentic spirit. With that, we proudly participate in The Slow Fashion movement. We immerse ourselves in garments steeped in enigmatic inspiration. We seek out those who have a story and claim it as their own.

Born in 1976, Baby & Company was opened by a young couple, Baby and Uri Burstyn, to create a pioneering spirit in fashion in a neighborhood that embraced the same longing. In 2008, Jill Donnelly, Buyer and Sales Manager, and her husband Wayne bought the store, and in 2012 gave the interior a stunning remodel with the contributions of local craftspeople. It now holds a European atelier feel with original art installations to give a beautiful context for their men’s and women’s offerings.

We gratefully participate in The Slow Fashion Movement.

Baby & Company
1936 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA  98101

Monday - Friday 10 AM - 7PM
Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday 11 PM - 6 PM 
Email  info@babyandco.us
Telephone 206-448-4077

Complimentary Valet Parking on Weekends, Please call 206-448-4077

Photography by Aaron Leitz Interiors