A Détacher

Mona Kowalski, the mind behind A Détacher, is the quintessential interdisciplinary designer and a true participant in The Slow Fashion Movement. She has one work space in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood, a purposefully small tight-knit staff and only sells to retailers she has a genuine connection with.

Her latest collection is, at first blush, stunning: Like turning the corner in the Museum of Modern Art to find a bold abstract Robert Motherwell canvas. Upon further investigation, you start to muse on the meaning of the garment names and the inspiration for the prints and color pairings. Kowalska is known for writing poetic lines for her show program notes that she took down during her design process. Essentially, a journaling of the creation.

Research reveals the influence of exotic places with a singular standout quality inspiring an open mind to morph them into silhouettes and patterns. You also note a myriad of ancient references that have clearly been filtered through the designer’s mind to end in a subtle or bold representation. For example, a signature print is a photographic image of the Vesuvius Volcano in Naples, Italy erupting in black and white abstraction.