Aleksandr Manamïs

Distinguishing themselves neither as a brand nor a designer, Aleksandr Manamïs instead allows their women's clothing designs to speak for themselves. The Copenhagen-based brand's shirts and trousers find themselves produced in sombre, neutral hues with calculated detailing taking the forefront in lieu of patterning and pomp, allowing the wearer to distinguish their personal style as they see fit.

Androgynous tones reside throughout the collections with dropped shoulders, raw hems, meticulous detailing and avant-garde, angular silhouettes. Faded florals are used as lining to soften the perceptional dark tones and purposefully roomy tailoring, adding a sense of romanticism to the otherwise moody pieces. Quality natural fabrics dominate their textiles, spinning an air of controlled effortlessness in their purposefully deconstructed designs.