Annette Görtz

A master at angled construction and a self-proclaimed purist who believes in non-obtrusive colors, Annette Gortz demonstrates her German aesthetics and commitment to precision-made craftsmanship with her twenty-five year old line. We find hints of the archaic in this season’s collection; A jacket that reminds us of mythical cave paintings and a belt that is reminiscent of a horse’s bridle. Gortz keeps us in her own dark spring with her knitwear and coats that feature sublime fabrics and architectural structure. Her knits form to the body with exposed zippers and ribbing or hang in long all-enveloping shapes that seem part uniform and part feminine wile. She ends on a decadent note with a wrap the finds the wearers neck engulfed in racoon fur. Gortz believes the women she dresses are a collective muse and the clothes require their spirit to truly come alive.