Robert Montgomery, a visual artist and poet, was commissioned by Seattle’s own ALL RISE art collective to create a site-specific work, ‘THE STARS PULLED DOWN FOR REAL.’ His poetic ends are difficult to categorize as they are living and breathing in the contemporary age. He is at work demonstrating the inherent beauty in language while negotiating the politics of the world he is beholden to. Montgomery is known for installing his visual poetry installations in politically charged domains such as the edge of war zones or decaying buildings being reclaimed by the rich from the poor. One can’t help but feel the ghost of nineteenth century poetic heroes like Ezra Pound or hear the undertones of art movements such as the French Situationist critique of capitalism within his ethos. Montgomery is an advocate of independent fashion and has collaborated on various projects to print his words on garments. He reminds us with every poetic ache that the ephemerality of our existence can be described beautifully on his visual terms.

Photo courtesy of ALL RISE.

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