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The Women of Design Within Reach

Baby and Company neighbors several style-centric businesses, among them the über chic and aptly named Design Within Reach. This week, we stroll next door to chat with interior experts Cathy Le and Lily Raskind about home decor, furniture, fashion, and how they are so often interconnected. 
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Home and History Editorial

This fall, we headed to the banks of Lake Washington for a nostalgia-heavy editorial at the extraordinary Robbins home. "A visit to the lake house, surrounded by an English-style garden, will take you on a wonderful journey through four generations of family history and endless stories from those who lived it," says Baby and Company owner Jill Donnelly. "Holidays were embellished and celebrations were many. Its residents spent both there first days on earth and their last days in this home." Lining the walls are treasures ranging from preschool masterpieces to a photographic map of the family's history. More than being a beautiful backdrop for our favorite fall looks, the Robbins house embodies what we love about autumn: the feeling...
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Christina Hicks x Baby & Company

We grabbed a coffee with art director/photographer extraordinaire Christina Hicks to learn more about her dedicated interest in Slow Fashion, vegan living, and what makes fall in Seattle so special.  What about Seattle inspires you as a photographer and as a resident? Hicks: Seattle’s unique geography inspires me most—the abundance of plant life, bodies of water, and access to wilderness in every direction. Though I’m not a landscape photographer, it’s an inspiring starting point to have that as a backdrop. As a resident, I love how easy it is here to be able to explore one of the large parks, or quickly escape to a national park on a day off. We’re so lucky here! Why are you passionate about slow fashion? Oh man…I...
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Cann A Bliss Clinic with Verte Essentials

Image via Verte Essentials on Instagram At Baby & Company we're absolute advocates for the mind & body benefits of cannabis, especially products containing pain-relieving CBD derivatives. CBDs (or, cannabidiols) are the chemical compounds in a marijuana plant that contain non-psychoactive, but highly soothing properties with a range of medical applications from treating anxiety, inflammation, epilepsy, arthritis, and more. 
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Baby & Company Supports the Mockingbird Society

At Baby and Company we have always placed a strong emphasis on community. We don't just want to be the city's go-to boutique, but also a part of the fabric of the Seattle—supporting local initiatives and programs that benefit our neighbors. One such program is the Mockingbird Society, a nonprofit that advocates for and assists children in the foster care system with the goal of ending childhood homelessness and improving the foster system. The youths are taught leadership and self-advocacy skills, and many of them speak in front of the legislature in Olympia to campaign for change. Baby and Company sponsors the Mockingbird Society with a donation of ten percent of our Closet Sale proceeds every year, as well as hosting a table...
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Accidental Icon x Baby & Company

Accidental Icon, Lyn Slater, is redefining fashion blogging for the most attuned set. Her New York–based blog caters to urban intellectual women leading, what she dubs, “interesting but ordinary” lives.  Slater’s style is one of independence, strength, and conviction. Much like our own Baby & Company tribe, she believes in the art of dressing—curating a closet that feels both modern and timeless, but undeniably authentic.     We met up with the Icon herself in her NYC stomping grounds for a shoot in some of our favorite fall ‘17 styles. Shop the looks below.  Look one: Jacket, shirt, sweater, boots.  Look two: Sweater, dress.  Look three: Shirt, pants, denim, boots.   Look four: Shirt, pants, denim, boots.
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Exchange Policy: Colton Winger on Blurring Fashion Gender Lines

What's better than dressing from just one side of the closet? Borrowing from both. Not just unisex styles, both men and women can pull pieces from traditionally gender-specific wardrobes to accentuate for added expression.  We brought in Seattle tastemaker Colton Winger and draped him in womenswear, proving that blurred gender lines in fashion have never looked so good. 
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Seattle's Dark Days

The change in weather requires an attitude adjustment; daylight shrinks and we learn to enjoy the darkness for its unique qualities. As autumn envelopes us we return to big sweaters and favorite coats: cold weather dressing is both a seasonal pleasure and a potential minefield. Inspired by the changing of the leaves, the crispness in the air, and the vibrant sunsets, Baby & Company has curated a collection that celebrates the return to our coziest season.   You can shop this outfit here and here.   You can shop this outfit here, here, and here.     You can shop this outfit here, here, here, and here.  Playlist by KEXP DJ Larry Rose The change in the weather marks Seattle's return to its moodiest season.We are easing the transition with help from KEXP DJ Larry Rose,...
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Designer Bio: Nells Nelson

With a petit showroom in Lower Manhattan, designer Sisi Li produces stunning outwear with minimalist lines and luxe Italian craftsmanship under the name Nells Nelson. Her signature jacket silhouette combines functional tailoring with clean polish—Li wants each piece to embody the spirit of polish and ease, with a bit of quiet drama. Nells Nelson’s line of classic jackets and coats are at once on-trend while still offering a quality and timelessness that makes them wardrobe staples—like I piece you’d love your grandchild to find in your closet someday.  The materials are sumptuous: cashmere/wool blends and plush camel hair in perennial colors to stand up against both time and the elements.  Li named Nells Nelson after her son and husband, infusing...
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Laura's Autumn Edit

Baby & Company sales manager, accomplished chef, and all-around tastemaker, Laura Guth takes us out to coffee to share what's exciting her for fall in Seattle. What do you most look forward to in autumn? Is there anything you're particularly excited about this year?Guth: In the Northwest, as the weather turns and the days shrink, we tend to curl inward. I'm looking forward to layering texture with soft sweaters and colorful scarves. This fall, we're seeing a lot more options in color, which to me signals a shift in our mood. We're ready for lightness and frivolity in our clothing choices, and I welcome it! Can I be warm and cozy in a floral bomber? Absolutely! What's your favorite new brand at Baby & Company this season?My...
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