For our devoted clients and newcomers alike, we wanted to answer the question we’re asked on a near daily basis: Who is Baby? As the Baby and Company community grows, we’d like to share our history and introduce you to some of our muses who represent the spirit of not just who, but what we embody as a brand and beautifully express what it means to be Baby.

Our mission is to nurture a curated shopping environment that attracts those who ascribe to our values and ethos with regards to culture, travel, lifestyle, and worldview through the stories (and closets!) of our beloved customers. Here’s lookin’ at you, baby!

In 1976, Uri and Babette “Baby” Burstyn opened the doors on an avant-garde new boutique at the corner of First Avenue and Virginia in downtown Seattle, dubbing it Baby and Company after its larger-than-life founder. The couple stocked the shop with a collection of vintage wares, Euro designers, edgy apparel, and other exceptional finds. Baby and Uri were guided by a keen, artistic eye, looking for particular beauty in pieces outside of the fashion world norms.

And the store grew, gaining a following of clients that would come by not only to shop but to enjoy the gathering space and sense of community that Baby and Company provided.

In 2009, Baby and Uri sold the store to current owners Jill and Wayne Donnelly, but the spirit of the couple’s original dream survives. Building on the brand’s reputation, the Donnellys shepherded Baby and Company through over a decade of growth, strategically adapting to an inconstant retail world and a changing Seattle downtown. Thus, after the disruption of 2020, they made the tough (but exciting) choice to shutter the brick-and-mortar in Seattle. and reconceptualize Baby & Company in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho. Baby and Company's future is dynamic, nimble, and progressive as we imagine new ways to bring the brand to you. Whether in the form of limited residencies, engaged ecommerce, or meaningful partnerships, we’re committed to creative reinvention and helming the future of retail.




Baby & Company is a dynamic, temporal retailer and online store carrying clothing and accessories for women and men with an eye for the art of dressing. Over the past four decades, the brand has established a sophisticated, modern edit of national and international designers focused on the Slow Fashion Movement—bringing in pieces with a positive purpose, expert craftsmanship, and timeless allure.

What started as a destination brick-and-mortar boutique in Seattle and is now a fluid shopping experience in Sun Valley, Idaho helmed by owners Jill and Wayne Donnelly. As the retail and fashion world changes with our times, Baby & Company will continue to evolve and innovate in the form of limited residencies, vibrant ecommerce, and more immersive experiences—both in-person and online—to serve our communities in the pursuit of the sublime. Our approach may be different, but our commitment to the daily expression of mindful beauty is the same.

Our online store is always open. Follow along to find out where we’ll be popping up next. Still wondering just Who is Baby? Find out more about our history and foundations here.