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About Us

Baby & Company in Seattle stocks exclusive national and international men’s and women’s clothing. Over the past four decades, a strongly curated mix has been meticulously developed. A pioneering aesthetic in a neighborhood that embraced the same longing, has evolved into a European clad atelier steps away from the world-famous Pike Place market.

When the specialty shop switched hands to current owners Jill and Wayne Donnelly in 2008, the cutting edge design roster that set the company apart during its formative years remained the basis for the modern update. The brick and mortar store pridefully maintains its original awareness of higher value, seeking vendors that hold the same ethos and believe in the power of design.

Building their ethos upon the expression of beauty—Baby & Company subscribes to the pursuit of the sublime in all aspects of life. What we wear is a reflection of who we are. One day, as effortless as a white tee shirt and jeans; the next, a dress that seems to have been taken off the gallery wall and tailored to a beautiful likeness of the form. B&C does not play the fashion game but chooses to uphold the authentic spirit.

 At the heart of the Donnelly’s business model is great ambition and absolute respect for the artisans and craftspeople of the world who make their goods. Each season is met with a campaign that touches every detail from colorways, icons, story lines and editorial accomplishments. B&C is dedicated to The Slow Fashion Movement; the comprehension of its negative opposite. Fast fashion is just that: fast actions without consideration for environmental or human rights within the process of making.

Their anti-volume legacy sets the standard for the preservation of mindfulness, continually countering the fast fashion fad with a focus on timeless quality. Baby & Company tailors an intuitive and studied European spirit to our diversely stylish, and globally aware clientele. They have become a part of the permanent fold in our forty year tenure. 

Baby & Company
1936 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA  98101

Monday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday 12 PM - 5 PM 
Telephone 206-448-4077

Photography by Aaron Leitz Interiors