A Light Step: Fred Perry Collaborations


Undeniably one of the greatest tennis players to ever grace the courts, Fred Perry reigned with his sharp-quick style and phenomenal instincts for the game. In 1952, Wimbledon introduced the world to the first custom designed Fred Perry Shirt which received immediate acclaim. The pique polo donned with a laurel wreath hand-stitched logo was based on Wimbledon’s own signature design. Looking through the lens of historical accomplishments, modern design hero Nigel Cabourn reissued the Fred Perry Shirt to great avail. Cabourn engaged dauntless designer Raf Simons to collaborate on a set of classics with a twist of bold color blocks in eloquent fabrics. Cabourn sifted through old photographs of Perry for inspiration and made a few subtle shifts while ensuring quality was at its height. Baby & Company is housing the results to keep you pacing through the modern luxe game. 

“I think the Fred Perry shirt’s success comes from the fact that it’s a very basic casual garment that has found its way into all layers of society, music and sport.” -Raf Simons

Words by Brit Parks

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