Cool Rations: Teddy Girls

Teddy Girls

Youth is a varied and precious concept. Historically a marker of a point in time, youth is largely influenced by the political and cultural climate of the day. It provides a rare moment of strength even from those in the most difficult of circumstances. During World War II in England, a band of teenage girls deemed Teddy Girls formed a fierce subculture bound by a climate of unrest and the glow of girl power. Working class girls earning lower wages than their fellow lads were boldly taking notes from their closets. Buying second-hand Edwardian inspired wares, they sported long draped coats, rolled up jeans, blazers and ties. They added their own feminine wile with clutch purses and dress shoes. After long factory days, they went to the cinema and concerts with an attitude to rival anyone doing their part to hold their head high in an uncertain world. Tomboy pioneers with a graceful dream exacted to their own standards.

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Words by Brit Parks

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