Woven Stories of Modern Reverence — Nigel Cabourn

True stories. Intentional construction. Attention to detail. A shout-out to history. Is it any wonder that Nigel Cabourn is considered brilliant as a cult British designer? Drawn from real stories, Cabourn’s designs represent the historical and vintage apparel of military, outdoors and work wear. Inspired by WWI dress, Cabourn’s A/W 14 collection was flawlessly conceptualized and created as a tribute to those who shared in the sacrifice of The Great War. For Cabourn, fabric choice is principal to his work, and is especially present in the A/W 14 collection. For proper textile sourcing, Cabourn travelled throughout the British Isles researching and collaborating on materials that would accurately represent WWI military wear. A part of his research is to employ fibers that will wear well and only enhance with age. For men and women, his designs communicate the effortless elegance of what sportswear has to offer. Combined with tailored silhouettes and casual fabrics, Cabourn’s pieces complete any Sartorialist’s closet. 

Finally, Cabourn’s timeless pieces are available at his flagship store, The Army Gym, nestled in Covent Gardens, London. Brimming with British military memorabilia, the space embodies Cabourn’s vision of historical authenticity while remaining pliant to modern needs. Prepared to be captivated and enthused by the little particulars of Cabourn’s novelty. 

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Outside Nigel's flagship store in Japan

Inside The Army Gym store


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