Amelia Toro featured by the New York Post

Today the New York Post featured designer Amelia Toro in their Alexa column, in their post Designer Amelia Toro imagines frocks fit for a prima ballerinaThe New York Post quotes Amelia: “I love dance and everything about movement. The way clothes move with women is very sensual and very feminine.”

Author Alev Aktar explains why 
Toro’s dresses feel so personal, and more couture than assembly line: because each garment is sewn, start to finish, by a single seamstress, who signs the label. Toro employs more than 70 men and women, many of them single mothers, at her atelier in Bogotá.

“I’m giving them ownership and participation in what the company is about,” Amelia says, recalling a story of a new hire who cried after she saw a look book featuring the collection they had just toiled on. “She came to my office and said, ‘I want to thank you for letting me see what I do. It’s the first time that I realize I created something so beautiful.’”

We are proud of the conscientious work Amelia is doing, and her commitment to be an agent of change in the fashion landscape.

View the full post on The New York Post here, or follow this link to shop our collection of Amelia Toro.


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