The Mother Moon

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living. — Anais Nin

The bright Moon is revelatory; it’s the clarity of seeing the whole picture. The flowers of the season are open wide to the light of day and so are all of your practices and patterns, wide open. This is the opportunity to clearly see everything by the bright moonlight. Remembering that awareness is the first step in transformation, seize this opportunity of self reflection to view yourself with objectivity and curiosity.  Utilize your visions and subsequent awareness to harness the future with full volition and intention. It’s the awareness and clarity of the bright moon in May that brings us an opportunity to rewrite our inner dialogue.

The bright moon reaches her apex in Scorpio this month and Scorpio is the zodiac sign known for operating on its perceptive abilities while possessing the greatest emotional strength of all other signs. This is a nice reminder when we’re looking at ourselves through the microscope of the bright moon to remain intuitive and to receive our self-judgment with strength of character. Remember the intention in self-analysis is to recognize dysfunction and alter it for the better. Allowing yourself to cling to the emotional attachment of guilt and shame that you may attach to the behaviors you see in yourself isn’t very useful for adaptation. The point is to evolve and beating yourself up is not only counter-productive it is a little self-indulgent. Having said that, we’re human and we’re used to utilizing critical auspices of self-pedagogy. As a result, it’s natural to slip into a negative dialogue with yourself. The best course is to track this tendency, recognize it and rechannel it into constructive mental activity.

While engaging in this process of awareness, owning, and transforming outdated behaviors it’s useful to remember that the nervous system likes to fire in repetition for the sake of economy. Knowing this, it can be very effective to utilize meditation or a mantra to disrupt the usual thought flow and reconstruct it into an evolved perspective. When applied to a particular personal operating system that you feel needs revision the use of mantra or meditation can really expedite your journey out of a negative thought spiral. Find a mantra that is particular to you, something you don’t associate with anyone or anything else, something with strength and tolerance. Repeat it every time you catch yourself running a negative thought process and you will begin to fragment that channel. This way, your mind is forced to find alternate routes of thinking and you can be a more integral part of scripting the new thoughts into positive and affirming thoughts.

The full moon in May also signifies Beltane, the beginning of summer. It’s the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice and heralds a season of plenty. Some call it the Milk Moon because it is a time of the nurturance from the earth. Milk symbolizes fertility, birth and renewed health. Life in all forms is surging forth and nourishing us as we dissemble and remember ourselves through the process of transmutation and transformation. In other words, it’s a fertile and safe ground for the inevitable vulnerability that accompanies true personal growth.

Embrace this time of fertility and renewal, it’s an excellent cycle for beginnings of all kinds and projects initiated under the influence of the Milk moon will prosper. Old problems, if revisited, may present new opportunities. As the bright rays of a new season slip above the horizon this month it is a moment of clarity where you can emerge from obscurity through your new understanding of our present situation. This validation encourages the confidence to adapt and move forward. Throw off your fears Baby, embrace the well-lit road before you.


Words by Jamie Leigh Fish
Illustration by Garek Druss


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