Buyer’s Guide: The Thrill of the Hunt

We humans are social creatures, and even the most reserved of us need to interact. The act of shopping is often enjoyed in groups when we are young. We learn to differentiate ourselves from our friends and define ourselves by choosing what we like and comparing and selecting together. As we get a little older and recognize our tastes more readily, we venture out to our favorite sartorial haunts to organize our thoughts, get a little ‘me’ time, and engage in what we at Baby & Company call the thrill of the hunt! 

The psychological effects of shopping have been widely documented. The time spent flipping through a rack or scrolling through a favorite shopping website can offer the same serotonin induced serenity of a mini vacation. The psychology here is that retail therapy, including the act of looking, offers us glimpses of future possibilities that engage our imaginations. Thanks to the visualization element that accompanies shopping, we can stave off anxiety by mentally conjuring how we will look when taking on new challenges like starting a new job or delivering a speech. Our confidence soars by visualizing the successful execution, a trick athletes have been using for decades, and a particular benefit to having so many choices at our fingertips ready to be pinned, bookmarked and shared to our favorite social media. 

But let’s get back to the thrill of the hunt. Humans have hunted and gathered our way through the millennia and the thrill of the hunt is as exciting for the seasoned shopper as it is for the younger version who moves in packs. It’s the main reason we return to our favorite shopping venues. If we knew the product would be the same every time or that the goods were available all over, our interests would barely be piqued!

Baby & Company owner Jill Donnelly is well aware of this, as she is personally moved and devotedly driven to seek out the new and unknown for the customers she loves. As the spring arrivals settle in from the many corners of the globe, we ask Jill Donnelly to articulate the process behind her buying. She travels to Paris, New York, and beyond each season, and when asked about the thrill of the hunt at market she told us, “When buying, I too, love the thrill of the hunt and try to share that same reaction or emotion I have when seeing a new line with my customer.” She goes on, “Why I love working on the sales floor so much is that it provides me with the exciting feeling of presenting the person (you dear reader) with the “gift” I purchased for them. As a buyer it’s like you hope the customer loves it too! Such instant gratification. For me, this is the best part of my job.”  

Over the years, Baby & Company has blazed a trail by bringing exotic items and lesser known brands to the store. The thrill of going far and wide to find diverse offerings is what makes us who we are. We want for ourselves what we want for our customers: to enjoy knowing we can continually find unique, one-of-a-kind items that offer the thrill of discovery as much as that dopamine fix that comes from spending time looking and sharing. With us, the hunt is perpetual.

Jill's Favorite Finds

A few newer lines at Baby & Company who's lines we're loving lately...
Sayaka Davis
"Spacious beauty" is a concept well depicted throughout LA-based Sayaka Davis' collection. With empty space as the emphasis, the garment itself becomes the subject. The 2015 line embodies Sayaka's artistic vision with effortless composure to every piece.
Sibel Saral
Originally from Istanbul, New York based designer Sibel Saral launched her eponymous label of expertly woven women’s wear shirts in 2009. These staples survive seasons through flawless tailoring and clean design lines. 
Co Clothing

Los Angeles based Co epitomizes the philosophy of a directional capsule collection. The design duo behind Co has a history in film and fashion, two disciplines that blend together sumptuously to create a strong visual story.


Paris-based founder Alexandre Guarani ensures his designs are crafted with absolute care, while reflecting his intention to mitigate the ecological devastation that comes with irresponsible consumer culture. He aims to provide timeless designs of impeccable construction, which will hold up over years of wear. 


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