The Mockingbird Society – Where fashion and foster care meet 

The Mockingbird Society is a nonprofit organization fighting to end youth homelessness. The goal is to offer every child, no matter their background or upbringing, a safe and stable home. One way Mockingbird does this is through public policy reform. In 2014, Mockingbird saw four life-changing laws come into effect for our community. Incredible change is happening for our youth, highly propelled by Mockingbird’s initiatives. What distinguishes Mockingbird is their sponsorship and empowerment of youth advocating for themselves. 

The Extended Foster Care bill allows youth working 80 hours or more per month to remain in foster care until age 21. This opportunity builds financial stability and confidence needed for healthy transition into adulthood. The Prudent Parent Standard law allows foster parents to make normal decisions for childhood activities without an interminable application process. The Legal Representation for Foster Youth legislation automatically allows youth an attorney six months after their birth parents’ rights have been terminated. The Youth Opportunities Act offers an opportunity for a clean slate: certain juvenile records are sealed after 18, and can no longer act as a barrier to available housing, education, or employment. 

Baby & Company is a proud supporter of The Mockingbird Society. Our annual Closet Sale Donates a portion of our proceeds to their cause in the fight against youth homelessness. We hope to see you next week at our 7th Annual Designer Closet Sale. RSVP on Facebook here, and please bring your fashion-loving friends!

Photo courtesy of The Mockingbird Society.

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