Buyer's Eye for Fall 2015

The month of August signifies the final hurrah of summer.  We begin to anticipate the need for light layers in the evening and look forward to the annual arrival of thick fashion magazines with pages full of nubbly tweeds and enticing cashmeres.  Imagining the fall and how lovely the changing of the seasons can be, we are nearly distracted from the Indian summer so typical to the Northwest. Our timing then is perfect, to build our inspiration boards, and to ask Baby & Company owner Jill Donnelly what’s in store for Fall 2015.   

“I approach each season with an open mind and wait for something to tease my imagination. It does not take long before a rhythm starts to come in my head and the collections begin to tell me their story. Piece by piece, both my story and the designers’ stories, weave together to become the same narrative. Collectively, we have created something unique to both of us.

Living in the Northwest informs my initial “How & Where”. Fall is my favorite season and I look forward to the crisp days because it means I get to pull out my favorite sweaters, coats, boots and woolies. When I buy for Baby & Company, I choose garments that I will wear on a wood lawn walk, a coastal getaway, a stormy day and a cabin retreat. These are all things that make up the Northwest lifestyle for most of us who live here.

But it is not exclusive to the Northwest. This lifestyle takes place all over the globe. Whether it is the Scottish Highlands, or the coast of Maine. From Brittany to Iceland, the landscape and weather lend themselves to the same wardrobe requirements.

This season we ask our customers to look for their own reason to wrap themselves in something warm and cozy. I like to call it Comfy Luxe. This is achieved through soft shapes and architectural structure, as well as the quality of exquisite design and luxurious fabrics. 

When it comes together under the big tent we call Baby & Company, it is my hope and desire, as buyer and curator, all of you will enjoy the journey I have secretly imagined.” 

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