The Hunter Moon

October’s full moon is known as the Hunter moon. The Farmer’s almanac identifies her in this manner as the lack of vegetation on the trees makes for a clear line of sight for hunters in the woods. The cooler days are hospitable for preserving meat in preparation for the winter ahead. Humans have been hunting for thousands of years as a primary form of survival. As a result the primitive urge to hunt lies within us and intrinsically connects us to our ancient bloodlines. However, hunting is not simply a reference to an arrow or knife; it is also a metaphor for tracking, astronomy, passion, intuition, ritual and folklore.  

The Hunter Moon is also the closest moon to Samhain (pronounced sow-when) which is contemporarily known as Halloween. Samhain was considered by ancient Northern European civilizations as the new year. Operating under the belief that the world began in darkness, ancient people believed so should the new year. Samhain is specifically the last of the harvest holidays and the beginning of the Fall season. Traditionally perceived as a time when the veils are thinnest between worlds, Samhain is a time to communicate with departed ancestors and seek their wisdom in the mysteries of old. It is this tie to ancestry that has also earned the October full Moon the name Blood Moon.

In Greek mythology, the Goddess Persephone was captured by Hades, the God of the Underworld. Demeter, her mother and the Goddess of Harvest, plead for the return of her daughter but the young Goddess was beholden to spend six months of each year in the Underworld. Autumn was the season Persephone was said to make her annual passage down to the Underworld to join Hades. The bleak foliage across the land was a symbol of her mother’s sadness as her daughter departed. This story plays on the ideas of choices, concessions, lessons and sacrifices families make throughout time. The Hunter Blood Moon is a moment to celebrate and honor your ancestors. 

The auspicious celestial events of the last Full Moon asked us to contemplate presence. The most recent New Moon in October occurred in the judicious constellation of Libra and this current Full Moon constellates within Taurus, a grounded earth sign focused on love and ritual. While this full Hunter Moon in Samhain is about the contemplation of our bloodlines, it is also where our new patterns of love and charity stem from. When the veil is thin, it is an opportunity to take a look into our true inner thoughts and our strongest desires to thrive and love. Perhaps you will emerge with a new message on how to channel your individualism in a positive way. Internalize this wisdom, let it fuel your pursuits of growth and tolerance. This full moon will be made complete by your reverence for the past and self realization. Gaze forward and become stronger Baby!

Words by Jamie Leigh Fish
Full Moon artwork by Garek Jon Druss
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