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Legendary style is not a title handed over lightly. True style is born of internal instincts that often defy contemporary logic. It is also imperative to have strength of delivery. And to understand that every detail is a gesture and every decision is an explanation.

Linda Rodin is an icon of the first order as a model, muse and maker. She is the creator of the cult skincare line Rodin Olio Lusso. The current culture in fashion is to honor age and not to employ a means to hide it. Journalists are always quick to point out that Rodin is 67 which, is an important fact only in that it signals she has centuries of knowledge and influence to draw upon. It is noteworthy that women half her age aspire to be more like her.

She holds a classic demure French cool, is decidedly level headed by nature yet entirely bold in her fashion choices. We curated a collection with her at its center as each day is a new chance for a style evolution and of course to buy your first pair of tuxedo pants to fetch your morning tea.

"We tell ourselves stories in order to live." - Joan Didion

Images top to bottom sourced from The Row Pre-Fall 2014 lookbook, Into the Gloss Magazine, Grey Magazine, Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style, and Jeanstories.com

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