Welcoming Ginette NY

Born in the enviable sea air of the South of France, Frédérique Dessemond, grew up in a home designed by the famed architect, Le Corbusier. Corbusier was a modern master of minimalism and line. Saturated with inspiration from her youth, Dessemond chose to study Art History to deepen her knowledge and passion. In a stroke of good fortune in 1999, she won a Green Card lottery and set off for New York City. She was completely taken by the culture of the busy streets and the constant inspiration of city sites. She decided to blend all her experiences and begun her signature jewelry line named Ginette NY. Her line is made from beautiful rose golds and diamonds with delicate sensibilities in form and material. Baby & Company welcomes her to our tribe with her beautiful ornaments and inspired imagination.

The forms and shapes of Ginette NY jewelry had our minds drifting to the work of famous Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brâncuși. He was the master of a singular visual language. His minimalist lines gently swayed inwards despite being composed of marble or steel. He cut beautiful arches in polished metal and left the world breathless with his Endless Column in his native land. Drape your neck, wrists and fingers in delicate jewels that will edge you a bit closer to being your own work of art.
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