Accidental Icon x Baby & Company

Accidental Icon x Baby & Company

Accidental Icon, Lyn Slater, is redefining fashion blogging for the most attuned set. Her New York–based blog caters to urban intellectual women leading, what she dubs, “interesting but ordinary” lives. 

Slater’s style is one of independence, strength, and conviction. Much like our own Baby & Company tribe, she believes in the art of dressing—curating a closet that feels both modern and timeless, but undeniably authentic.  


We met up with the Icon herself in her NYC stomping grounds for a shoot in some of our favorite fall ‘17 styles. Shop the looks below. 

Look one: Jacket, shirt, sweater, boots

Look two: Sweater, dress

Look three: Shirt, pants, denim, boots.  

Look four: Shirtpantsdenimboots.

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