An Intentional Exchange

Oxidized panels sever the arcadian museum campus of Storm King Art Center, three hundred contiguous acres gifted in the artistic revolt of the sixties. A revolt that gave a legitimized forum to public art despite its obvious lack of collectability. The freedom of this era nurtured an advent of artists to push the studio boundaries by taking the surreal dream-bait of their minds to an unknown scale in the frontier of the outdoors.

Storm King boasts a highly curated collection of esteemed makers in Calder, Noguchi, Hepworth and their contemporaries. Their modernist beasts sit roguely in the pastoral mist including, a pop red metal sculpture of epic proportions ascending into the sky to confess its industrial presence in nature.

The art center has made a balanced home of materials that can withstand the outdoors while maintaining their fragile conceptual origins and detailed emotive confessions. Undeniably, and fortunately, Storm King was an idea conceived in the freedom-bound movement of the sixties and set in stone a monument to demonstrate the exchange of the human hand in nature.

Images courtesy of Storm King Art Center
Words by Brit Parks
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  • Loved this post – the writing is evocative, quite beautiful. Thank you, Brit, for this lovely rumination on a Sunday morning.

    Julie Chiron on

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