Baby & Company Supports the Womxn's March on Seattle

Baby & Company Supports the Womxn's March on Seattle

This Saturday, January 21st, over 600 cities around the globe will join in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington D.C., including our very own Womxn's March on Seattle, anticipated to be the third-largest in the nation.

To us here at Baby & Company, it is of vital importance that we lend our own voices to the hundreds of thousands (millions, even!) of those telling the new administration on its first day in office that we're watching, and that they must protect the rights of women, minorities, the LGBTQ community, and marginalized groups throughout the country and the world.

This mission is so important to us that we will be closing the store in order to allow our team and our customers to participate in the march.

The Seattle march is a silent one, akin to the silent marches of the Civil Rights Movement. The 3.6-mile route starts in Judkins Park and ends in Seattle Center. Visit the Womxn's March on Seattle website for more information on the logistics, objectives, and general information. Most importantly, know that this is a march for everyone, not just women!

The Baby & Company team will be gathering at the Judkins Skatepark at 10:00 am. Contact the store to let us know if we should expect you, or show up and look for us in the crowd.

Whether or not you're able to join us, know that we're marching on behalf of our clients, friends, families, and the rights of our fellow Seattleites and beyond. And while this event is only one day, we're committed to working hard and speaking up for justice, equality, and dignity at every opportunity to come. As Martin Luther King Jr. said: Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Here's to getting loud.

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  • I will be marching in DC with my twins, their girlfriends and their mothers.

    Lynda Scher on
  • Very impressed that you are willing to close the store for this historic march! You go gals! See you there!

    Jeanmarie Bettencourt on
  • I walk with you in spirit on Saturday. Our Juliet balcony lights at the Seneca off ramp and First Avenue will cease to glow beginning Friday as the stench of ignorance permeates our future…

    Joy Smith on

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