Beth Hoeckel: Glossed Iconic Scissors

Beth Hoeckel: Glossed Iconic Scissors

Beth Hoeckel is a magician. She can emerge from stacks of dying pages of old National Geographic magazines with gold. She can haunt sidewalk five cent book sales and walk away with heaping gems. She sees the obscure diamonds in the rough ​in​ any form of print put to paper. After an accomplished art career working in multiple mediums, Hoeckel moved to Baltimore and worked independently as an artist and ​fell slowly and madly in love with the art of collage. Employing her eye as a sublimely trained art maker and the precision skill required to hand cut detailed and often miniscule pieces of paper, she has resigned to a perfection of the ​genre. She works at a prolific and stunning rate of production. Her work often ventures into vintage figures, natural elements like forests and oceans; the moon being a particularly beloved subject. With an ever-graceful female edge she remains conceptually ​in the ​abstract visual niche she has cut out for herself.

Credits -
Beth Hoeckel @bethhoeckel, From Left to Right:
Seasonal, Shrine, Face Lace, Drink, Oasis, Riptide, Beth Hoeckel in studio, Photo Synthesis
Words by Brit Parks

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