Designer Bio: Avant Toi

Designer Bio: Avant Toi

Founded in Italy in 1994 by creative director Mirko Ghignone, Avant Toi offers luxury cashmere and silk garments constructed using artistic techniques and innovative textile manipulation. Ghignone learned the knitwear trade from his mother, who ran her own line Liapull Cashmere, founded in 1947.

Avant Toi pulls from Ghignone's artistic background with a unique dye bath technique, air-brushed coloring, and sometimes grung-y distressing.

The spring/summer 2017 collection is something of a cast-away dream, with rough hems, washed textures, and natural hues perfectly suited to a rugged island adventure or your own urban jungle.

Shop our Avant Toi men's collection (currently all on sale) and stay tuned for new pieces arriving soon.

Images via Avant Toi 
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