Designer Bio: Labo.Art

Designer Bio: Labo.Art

Launched in Milan in 2006, Labo.Art is known for its classic styles and staple pieces, following European consciousness. Founder Ludovica Diligu later moved to Berlin, finding vision in the modern city's architecture (she's from a family of architects), while still fully producing the line in Italy. We spoke to Diligu about the fall 2017 season and what's currently inspiring Labo.Art.

B&C: How does your family’s architectural background show up in your designs?
LD: I was raised in an atmosphere of shapes. My collections are based on subtraction more than an emphasis on details; I work with shapes and numbers.

In what ways is your design sense more Italian and in what ways has it been influenced by living in Berlin?
We moved to Berlin for new inspiration. This city is constantly transforming and evolving, it is very young and it has helped us develop an international market. This new energy combined with the Italian know-how and technique has been a wonderful experience. Berlin has helped us our expand cultural ideas.

Describe Labo.Art in three words.
Labo.Art is for the conscious woman. Minimal, color, and family.

What colors and shapes are you excited about for fall 2017?
I was so inspired by the lemon trees in Sicily, and it's reflected in the collection, this beautiful yellow color. For spring/summer 2018 you'll see lobsters in my inspiration.

What is most inspiring you this season?
We did an installation for Milan Design Week that was inspired by the lemon yellow of Sicily. This was a wonderful opportunity and a source of great inspiration for us.

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