Following Herself: Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle had herself followed. Moreover, she hired a private detective to follow her. She took notes as he took notes. Calle is a prolific French artist unrivaled in her conceptual depths and the abstract marriages of visuals that turn to text and vice versa. She has long been known a femme fatale trickster for her performances.

Acquiring a a job as a maid, only to spy on her clients and photograph their belongings. In other personal glories, she finds an address book of a stranger and calls all the black bookers and interviews them on their owner. And in one of her true masterpieces, she has a detective follow her while she follows him. She takes notes on herself through the eyes of another. Begging us to wonder what our distant and private actions look like. 

Images courtesy of Sophie Calle
Words by Brit Parks
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