Breathe Iconic: Forty Years of Baby & Company

Since its first breath of air in 1976, Baby & Company has been working to create its own breed of magic. Baby and Uri Burstyn, opened the store to create a pioneering spirit in fashion amidst a neighborhood that embraced the same longing. In 2008, Jill Donnelly, Buyer and Sales Manager, and her husband Wayne bought the store, and in 2012 gave the interior a stunning new all-immersive remodel. The store is part European-atelier, part art-installation space, part-dreamworthy closet and the rest is a little bit of magic that Jill firmly believes is the backbone to any story worth diving down a rabbit hole after.

At the heart of the Donnelly’s business model is great ambition and absolute respect for the artisans and craftspeople of the world who make their goods sold. Each season is met with a campaign that touches every detail from colorways, icons, story lines and editorial accomplishments. B&C has dedicated itself to The Slow Fashion Movement which is most easily understood by the comprehension of its negative opposite. Fast fashion is just that: fast actions without consideration for environmental or human rights within the process of making.

Baby & Company believes that what we wear is a reflection of who we are. One day it may be as effortless as a white tee shirt and jeans; the next, a dress that seems to have been taken off the gallery wall and tailored to a beautiful likeness of the form. B&C chooses not to play the fashion game but to uphold the authentic spirit. The anti-volume legacy that sets the standard for the preservation of mindfulness continues by countering the fast fashion fad with a focus on wares with a timeless quality that uphold their integrity and iron-clad ethos.

In honor of forty years, we have carefully curated the most iconic, staggering, and moving images from 1976 to take you on a nostalgic journey with us. We visit the jaw-dropping and revolutionary moves in fashion including a deep homage to Yves Saint Laurent and his contemporaries. We take pause for star athletes, politicians and cultural icons who literally changed the course of history. We deliver a melodic dose of the tracks and albums that marked the year and still sound rife with current meaning. The store will feature over one-hundred and fifty images in a gallery-like presentation paying homage to the year of our birth: 1976. Installation opens September 6, 2016 at 1936 First Avenue, Seattle.

Credits -
Portrait of Jill and Wayne Donnelly by Sohail Fazluddin
Words by Brit Parks
Graphic Design Christian Petersen
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  • Congratulations dearest Jill and Wayne on a dream come true! You are marvelous and gifted in your creation, a genuine extension of your dreams, and have built a haven of comfort and luxury for yet the extension of all of us who linger there. Thank you with much love… Joy

    D. Joy Smith on
  • Dear Jill and Wayne, Thank you for keeping and growing the the tradition and magic that Baby and Uri started all those years ago in 1976. Also a big thank you to all the staff of Baby and Co. You all make it happen…….Cheers….Michael

    Michael Seabeck on

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