Happy 40th Birthday, Baby!

Happy 40th Birthday, Baby!

Born in 1976 at the hands of Baby and Uri Burnstyn, Baby & Company proudly celebrated its 40th year supplying Seattle with exclusive designers and their relaxed, yet meticulously styled European spirit.

What began as the forging of a pioneering aesthetic within a neighborhood that embraced the same longing has evolved into a sophisticated boutique mirroring its cosmopolitan, world-famous Pike Place district.

When the specialty shop switched hands to current owners Jill and Wayne Donnelly in 2008, the unique, unexpected and independent style which set the company apart during its formative years remained the basis for a cozy-cool, modern update. Now the brick and mortar pridefully maintains its original awareness of higher value, seeking vendors that tell the same story of the power of fashion.

The anti-volume legacy that set the standard for the preservation of mindfulness continues, countering the fast fashion fad with a focus on current timelessness and upholding the authentic spirit of slow fashion and sustainably-made, small-batch orders of artisan goods. Seeking out those who have a story and claim it as their own, Baby & Company tailors their somewhat studied, somewhat intuitive European Bohemian spirit to the diversely stylish, worldy and globally aware clientele that have helped them reach this milestone.

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  • Bonne Anniversaire, Baby!!

    Well done, Jill and Wayne!


    bobbie medlin on
  • Here’s to one of the best retailers in the country!!!
    Jill turns every stone and seizes every opportunity to make the Baby and Co. experience the best it can possibly be.
    If there was a Masters program for specialty retail—- Jill would be Head Professor!

    Connie Shoquist on

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