Jessa Carter: Uh Huh Her

Jessa Carter: Uh Huh Her

I imagine Jessa Carter and I, gathering maps in our arms as we rush to explain our common cause. Rushing so quickly through proverbial streets that we forgo time and create a new meaning, and then trace back to draw our own maps of all the towering forces we feel crawling through our bones. It is better suited, or more compellingly suited, to talk about this being’s principles and actions, as you will not find her resting on her laurels unless it is quite gracefully. 

If you were at a tableau vivant in nineteenth century France, you were just lucky to stand there and watch the people and have that moment to moment in real time. - Jessa Carter


As she weaves through subjects of great import I feel my mind stray, imagining Janine Antoni or Maya Deren with silent glows, beholding this new female force dispel their logic in a new modern tone and theory. Jessa is a key member of LOVECITYLOVE, a Seattle Art Collective that proclaims to be "art alive, a space where the moment is the medium." She curates a depth of intermedia to express through lines of meaning and non-meaning; roads and non-roads, as it were. It seems an intoxicating prospect to travel down either, with her and a foreign map. 

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 Words by Brit Parks

Images - 
Portrait by Sohail Fazluddin/Styling Meg Huffman 
Performance Documents courtesy of LOVECITYLOVE and The House Of ia
Performance Still Janine Antoni
Film Still Maya Deren
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