Modern Life Is: A Stray Astray

Modern Life Is: A Stray Astray

Modern life leads us astray, we flee the forests to find the concrete only to turn on our heels. We shoplift our own shadows to carry them back to time we collected in a bottle.

Our heroine finds herself weighing on her own pale thoughts with too many books stacked and too many tea cups half abandoned. 

We find her cloaked, unsure of her footing but quite certain she must escape. 

Modern life is a weight that can pin us to our needs or count the numbers down as we slip through a streetwise plan.

Features garments and jewelry - Yoshi KondoSimon MillerReinhard Plank, Esse EsseFlamingos1-100

Editorial Credits -  
Art Direction/Words Brit Parks 
Photography/Graphic Art Sohail Fazluddin 
Styling Megan Huffman

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