New Arrivals: Floral Morph

New Arrivals: Floral Morph

Teal brocade weaves its weft into a poppy floral motif in weighted fabric with details to elix seasonal shifts. A sheer blouse tiled in graphic notes with a tie collar for a finish plants you in your own realm. Pin-straight, pin-stripe trousers pair with all of the above and beyond. 

Mix in a sumptuous cream crop knit to morph your floral longing and a pattern starts to emerge. Buy investment pieces you fall in love with and infuse at will. Add a crisp white blouse and wide leg staple pant and a fresh set has begun. Luxe bags and shoes in neutrals are toted, noted and requisite for your fast-paced morph to cooler skies.

Editorial Features - Odeeh, LaboArt, Hovman, Marsèll

Editorial Credits -  
Art Direction/Styling/Words Brit Parks
Photography Sohail Fazluddin

Graphic Artist Joseph McSween

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