Pablo Picasso | Sheer Suggestions

Pablo Picasso | Sheer Suggestions

Delving into the archives of a master provides a depth of understanding into their conceptual journey of making. Picasso is so famed we need not even utter his first name to instantly flash intense primitive disjunct faces. Some in the pose of great Spanish wars, others in his own saturated breed of feminism. Hiding in a secret corner of his oeuvre is a delicate set of line drawings.

The term line quality is a constant in art theory as it refers to the the specific hand made marks in any medium. Art theorist are deeply committed to the notion that a mastery of this skill is rare and readily apparent. Picasso's ever so slight black markings do have a innocent lilt of ease and a raw perfection. One can see the tracings of future works born out of the same utterances. The bare delicacy from the known forceful artist is a rare glimpse into his depth filled aesthetic language.

 Words by Brit Parks 

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