Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week
Jill and Wayne Donnelly return to Paris in time for the unparalleled energy that is Fashion Week. From cafes to boutiques, they continue to explore the City of Light in style. With every step across the cobblestoned streets and ornate bridges, they search for the best designers. Lucky for us, they have brought back lots of goodies they’ve uncovered along the way. Stay tuned for future collections inspired by their trip. For now, enjoy some tips on Paris from our CEO and Buyer, Jill.
What do you look forward to when returning to Paris?
"I always look forward to going to Paris. The cities ”joie de vivre” never avoids me, especially during fashion week. Walking the streets and enjoying the cafe culture always leaves me inspired and remind me why I love fashion."  
What about the city inspires you?
"I continue to be inspired by my favorite boutiques, restaurants, and museums. I go with an open mind and a wandering curiosity. I am NEVER disappointed or unmoved. No other city fills my fashion heart like Paris."
What is something you never leave behind when going to Paris?
"I never pack light. My attitude is, why would you not bring your A game to the most fashionable city in the world? Especially during Fashion Week."
With so little time and so many options, how do you choose where to eat in one of the culinary capitals of the world?
"Wayne and I always look forward to returning to our favorite restaurants. We are not the kind of people who are always looking for the latest Hotspots. When something is great, why not return? We come back to our favorite spots usually craving what we had the last time we were there the previous season. The coffee at the Boot Cafe, the cauliflower at Miznon, the soft boiled eggs at The Library Cafe in Merci, the truffle pasta at Ober Mama and the frozen margaritas & tacos at Candelaria."
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  • We’ll be visiting Paris in September and of course we will be wearing some items from Baby & co. Thanks for bringing us ‘the good stuff’. Best-lars

    lars johnson on

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