Stellar Undoing: Kim Gordon

A true legend of the earth shattering unknown, Kim Gordon is the Mother of the musical avant garde. Sonic Youth is arguably the band that formed what we know as today's alternative music scene in their thirty year tenure. They have garnered immense international attention and the list of their accomplishments could fill a novel. Gordon was married to fellow bandmate Thurston Moore for over twenty years. In a disastrous split involving a third party, Gordon has come forth with a confessional memoir and has upped her art game. 

A long standing text-driven artist, she is a an outspoken feminist and the epitome of girl power. Her heavy black brush strokes that match her heavy black eyeliner read: 'Dude War', 'Failing Lights', 'Talk Normal' and 'Bad Adult' - Her hyper truths expressed hit guttural notes. Gordon has spent her recent months as a phoenix with blockbuster art shows and a best selling novel. She has never left the world short on inspiration and she continues to defy explanation.

Images courtesy of Kim Gordon
Words by Brit Parks
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