Sting Like A Bee: Live Your Own Truth

Delicate ferocity. Our heroes found themselves on an island of one and took up their own fearless cause. They lived their own truth and were merciless in their belief systems being employed in every aspect of their lives. Muhammad Ali, the prize fighter with the stoic outspoken beliefs, shimmied and swayed with the legendary paradox of lightness and force. He accomplished that rare state of grace that is an authentic life. He never shied away from his political and religious passions being known. He was a champion athlete with the character of a gentleman.

Vivienne Westwood was part of the early punk movement in New York – living out the rock n’ roll fairytale that is still close at hand but has swiftly been lost in cultural upheaval and change. Where she once pinned up her own frocks in the East Village and saw the early New York Dolls show, now stands luxury wares and French cafes. She is known for her street-style garments that echo her native England in material and tone. She is equally known for her pomp and circumstance at runway shows. In a recent effort, she dressed fit men in beautiful dresses and in other bouts punked out girls to be the ultimate plaid-clad tomboys.

These icons breathed and heaved their own truth and both respectively drove a herd of admirers to their singular visions. The impact of a legend is measured in their star power, and stars are measured in the depth of their shine.

Words by Brit Parks

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