The Sunday Guide – December

The Sunday Guide – December



7:00 am. My phone pings... 'Powder Alert' – 8 inches of fresh powder fell overnight...
After a very fun and robust month in Seattle (God, we love our friends, family & customers !!!!) we made it back to Sun Valley to find it fully embraced by the snow covered magic you would expect to see in a charming mountain town. Mother Nature has been very cooperative at blessing the area with a continued dump of fresh powder that has every mountaineer giddy with delight. Christmas lights are in full blaze and the feeling of snow globes, sleigh rides, and hot cocoa beg to be part of your wonderland imagination.
If you find yourself lusting for a perfect slice of winter delight, come on over and see us in Sun Valley!
A drink and a smile will always be available for you if you come on by to say Hello Baby!

Ah yes, winter has a very special spirit that is only just getting started.

We have a well chosen Winter Capsule to keep you cozy, warm and looking fabulous no matter the conditions!

Introducing the Winter 2022/23 Lookbook









One of my favorite Seattle creatives: Ingrid Savage, is known for many things, and one of them is her handmade Surprise Balls. They take many hours of patience (and a keen eye for good trinkets) to create these special one-of-a-kind joy makers.  They are filled with well selected prizes that are suited for the following: GALS, GUYS, GIRLS, and BOYS.Each is individually wrapped and stuffed and no two are the same. On top of that, each contain a genuine 2 dollar bill!Order quick, the supply is limited – specify which one!


We discovered this unique and special perfume house two years ago, and the fan base has been growing ever since. Each fragrance was created with vision and style to fit the many moods and occasions to make your scent remembered.

I am currently in love with Dear Polly by day - Black Citrus by night.

Check out the selection and choose one that fits the mood.

Available in three quantities: 20 ml, 50 ml, and 100ml.





We just got  FRESH New Arrivals from our favorite Italian knit makers: MJ Watson, just in time for the Holidays!

Classic with a twist that fits almost any wardrobe - felted cashmeres, and soft wools are the perfect for winter wear.





This sweet, rare and hard-to-find knit brand from Japan showcases the best of Japanese knit techniques to create this very special winter collection. From padded silk jackets, cozy felted wool pants, delicate mesh tops, charming cardigans, and pullovers to their beloved socks, Antipast is the kind of speciality brand Baby is known for. We are BIG FANS. 
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