The Sunday Guide - March

The Sunday Guide - March


The Thaw of Winter

"When one has faith that the spring thaw will arrive, the winter winds seem to lose some of their punch" - Robert Veninga.

Every year I look forward to that first awareness that spring is indeed on its way.

Subtly, we recognize the dark of winter is in retreat. Bit by bit, the days begin to get a little longer.

Gradually, we recognize a change in winter's typical chill as the sun begins to feel a little warmer.

Eventually, the dull and brown of naked gardens reveal the approach of crocuses, tulips, irises, and blooming camelias promising the return of color to our surroundings.

The anticipation of what waits for us on the other side of winter is just so damn hopeful. It's a glorious RESET that we all get to anticipate. The feeling of what is possible is exciting and stimulating. We dare to look forward as days become longer, warmer, and brighter, and the sweet smell of spring's bloom lingers in the morning air to remind us that better days are coming.

While I will admit, it is sad to see our once pristine snow-covered yard start to disappear, like many of you, I long for the replacement of soft grass and barefoot days.

Perhaps even a new puppy will find its way to our side to dream of the summertime we are waiting to enjoy.


Buyer's Eye SS21 - Say goodbye to those winter blues- HELLO blue skies ahead!

I was drawn to soft colors and supple fabrics in my "buyer's eye" for the SS21 collections for obvious reasons—nothing harsh or severe for the eyes to rest on or our skin to feel.

A traumatized world order's mood would not allow me to indulge in dramatic shapes or forms, harsh patterns, or bold color palettes. My senses seemed to repeal anything too forceful or overdone.

My eye only wanted to rest on things that portrayed a sense of playfulness and joy. Nothing so severe or moody.

I am confident you will see this come through in the Spring/Summer collections we have curated for this coming season as we continue this new journey of the Baby & Company adventure.

You have all carried us through the most challenging times of our adult lives and careers. You stood by us when everything seemed to be falling apart. Your support, love, and encouragement fueled and motivated our dramatic shift and pivot towards this new chapter.

Stay tuned, and remain by our side Baby, the best is yet to come....

With humble gratitude and our sincere love,

Jilly & Wayne



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