The Sunday Guide – October

The Sunday Guide – October



Our last day in our Seattle location was September 26th, 2020. We packed up our extensive and beautiful store, packed our bags, and set off to start something new in Ketchum, Idaho. On October 15th, we opened Baby & Company Sun Valley.

While we had built an excellent local following after doing multiple Pop-Ups over the last 8 years in the area, we still get asked the question–(wait for it), "is it a Baby store?" Unfortunately, most of our local clients never knew that Baby was the founders' name. They never got to experience what made the store on 1st & Virginia so damn special. They never got to experience the magnetic spark that made the store a beloved fashion institution to a whole generation of customers near and far. The magical formula of avant-garde and kitsch offered up a selection of some of the most innovative up-and-coming designers from the late '70s to today. Kenzo, Comme Des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood, Isabel Marant, Fiorucci, Marithé + François Girbaud were just a few of the designers represented on our racks early in their careers and before they exploded into global brands.

So, when I get asked the common question "Who is Baby?", I must answer as a person who has lived her whole fashion life through the lens of Baby. I express that Baby is not a thing, but a personality. The personality of the type of muse that drives my passion for dressing and bringing beauty to those we serve. I would like to think we all have some Baby in us. Baby to me is resilient, dynamic, optimistic, spirited, wishful, curious, mischievous, adventurous, and knows what it feels like when the right person calls you BABY - In a word, Baby, it's YOU!

So, as we look to celebrate the First Anniversary of Baby & Company Sun Valley, I proudly proclaim that if we did not have the qualities that made us Baby, we could not have made it through the most ominous storm that drove us to discover this beautiful and exciting new time in our lives! And as I like to say, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”

A big thank you to all who remain on this journey with us as we seek the new and undiscovered one day at a time!

We would love to hear from you–tell us in your words what you feel when asked "Who is Baby?"

Oh! Baby, you're looking good!




This is the first time we’ve been able to experience the Trailing of the Sheep festival in the Wood River Valley. The event has become a beloved tradition by the Wood River Valley community each fall. If you haven’t already attended this festival, we highly recommend you put the event on your Autumn travel calendar some time in the near future.
Here's a bit of history to help you understand why it has become such a celebrated highlight of the fall season–
In the fall of 1996, the Peaveys invited people to meet for coffee at a local café and then help walk with the sheep through the Wood River Valley to learn about this historic tradition of trailing the sheep in an effort to minimize conflicts between users of the bike path and the sheep. Along the way, they shared stories of the rich history, heritage, and cultures of the Wood River Valley. It was small, informal and educational. People loved it.

In 1997, the Peaveys met with the local Sun Valley/Ketchum Chamber & Visitor Bureau (CVB) to discuss the idea of creating an event based on the sheep trailing. Seeing the potential to turn a conflict into a celebration of cultural heritage and a unique fall event to attract visitors, the CVB quickly jumped on board with support and the Trailing of the Sheep Festival was born. Working with the Peaveys, the CBV provided staff, ideas, and the funding to create and promote a multi-day event that featured the Sheep Parade down Main Street in Ketchum, the Sheep Folklife Fair, Sheep Tales Storytelling, Lamb Dine-Around, and other elements that remain an integral part of the Festival. The CVB, along with the Peaveys and a dedicated committee of volunteers, produced the event until 2003, when the non-profit Trailing of the Sheep Cultural Heritage Center was created to take over the reins and continue to develop the Festival into the future.

Celebrating its 25th year in 2021, the Festival has expanded greatly from its humble beginnings, yet the goals and objectives of the Festival remain the same—preserving the stories and history of sheep ranchers and herders, celebrating the rich cultures of the past and present, and entertaining and educating children and adults about the production of local food and fiber that have sustained local economies for generations.

The Festival has garnered some well-deserved accolades over the years, including being recognized as one of the Top Ten Fall Festivals in the World by MSN TravelTop 7 Fall Festivals by National Geographic, Top Ten US Fall Festivals by SmarterTravel, Top Animal Festivals in the World and Top Ten Fall Festivals by USA Today, Top 7 Fun Fall Festivals by AARP,  One of the Greatest Cultural Events in the West by Northwest Travel, and is a recipient of the Society of American Travel Writer’s Phoenix Award for best in cultural tourism as well as the Idaho Governor’s Award for Cultural Heritage.




Each season we try to choose a location to help our customers experience the beauty of this region that has been an incredible source of inspiration for showcasing our seasonal collections. This Autumn season we have chosen the world class Nature Preserve known as Silver Creek - Just ask any fly angler who has fished it what makes it so special, and be prepared to watch a glow come over their faces as they prepare to give you the answer.









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