#WeRemember at Baby & Company

#WeRemember at Baby & Company

At Baby & Company we stand on a foundation of equality. Having been originally established by a Jewish family that was directly impacted by World War II, and now with Jill Donnelly, also Jewish, at the helm, we are keenly aware of how persecution of a group of people can have lasting and cataclysmic consequences.

Because of this, we take great issue with the administration's decision over the weekend to ban our Muslim brothers and sisters from entering the country, and we reject the notion that any person of any faith, color, or creed be detained on the basis of discrimination.

The World Jewish Congress has launched a campaign aimed at promoting remembrance of the atrocities of the Holocaust so that we don't repeat the failures of the past. Using the hashtag #WeRemember, we hope to join six million people together worldwide (equivalent to the number of Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust) to say "never again" to genocide, racism, and humanitarian tragedies.

Join us by posting your own photo using a sign and a hashtag, and watch the video below for more.

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