Wordless Siren: Bianca Jagger

Wordless Siren: Bianca Jagger

Siren as genre. Stark lean cuts as a movement. Bianca Jagger is as mythical as the white horse she rode into Studio 54 on her birthday in the seventies. Married in a white Yves Saint Laurent suit that still defies timelessness and logic, she is a legend for her wholly own aura and features. She is a known former muse and wife of Mick Jagger and Mother of brilliant jeweler, Jade Jagger, along with an endless icon and political activist. Jagger's style has ranged from the white cotton breezy notes of her native Nicaragua to fur and veil clad nights of high eloquence. She holds mysticism in her warmth and sheer glamour rarely replicated. We honor her rock and roll royalty status, her soul of goodwill and her striking moves in every direction.

Words by Brit Parks




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