Fête Impériale

French-based women's clothing line Fête Impériale brings a joie de vivre to everyday dressing with their playful designs inspired by the unbridled spirit of 19th Century Paris and the wild soirées of the 1980's. Designer Laura Gauthier Petit injects a breath of fresh air into Parisian fashion with her lively coats, shirts and skirts. 

Fueling her designs with visions from the Imperial Bonapartist rule, its baroque architecture and the Belle Epoque's rousing aesthetic, she manages to democratize the best of French history by combining the ornate with the casual sensibility of 80s punk into wearable shapes and bold patterns. Veering away from the dictated traditions of Paris fashion, Fête Impériale opts instead for daring contrasts, fluid cuts, touches of androgyny and their defining, artist-created motifs.

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