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Yoko Ono was an early feminist performance artist. With a wobbly gutsy tone, she sang soft petitions that were recorded on vinyl. She was an adamant participant in Fluxus, the art movement that challenged all previous rules with their own simple acts of absurdity and quirk. She constructed poetic ballads and fell in love with a man who changed the world. Together they created the first bohemian existence that made public history. They played chess naked and gave more air time to the word love than the world has ever seen.  Yoko Ono’s style is a direct result of these roles; practical and minimal with an airy freedom. All black ensembles, basics to make art in freely and, daring costumes worn in a rare sixties wonderland. We honor Yoko Ono for her creative integrity, being an advocate of peace and for reminding us that quiet style can be worn to a protest.

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