Legendary Parties

We have ardour for great escapes. F. Scott Fitzgerald gave us endless tales of gilded nights in costume that set the lights of the night on fire. We require these constructed dreams to survive and to exist for a moment in the starry spotlight to keep us warm. We turn our gaze to legendary fêtes that still leave their mark as guidance on how to motivate the night to glimmer. Take a breath and become your own muse. Suit yourself in beautiful wares that change the light in your eyes, if only for a few precious hours of escape.

“She was a sun, radiant, growing, gathering light and storing it—then after an eternity pouring it forth in a glance, the fragment of a sentence, to that part of him that cherished all beauty and all illusion.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald


Models: Lana Kraljevich, Auston Bugatti
Photography: Sohail Fazluddin
Styling: Kimberly Douglass
Words: Brit Parks





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