Portrait of a Man

A sampling of our newest Men's apparel and accessories.

The new mantra for menswear come fall 2015 is ‘Your choice.’  The market is still offering profiles from the traditional menswear tropes, but it is now our choice to take from these offerings and best articulate the individual within us.

Editorial credits—

Model, Kevin Lin
Photography, Sohail Fazluddin
Styling, Anna Telcs
Styling Assistant, Kimberly Douglass


The fashion market of five years ago began to boast a greater breadth of mens apparel options,  and we all celebrated. Finally! It was okay to sport a wider neckline on a T-shirt, and if we wanted to purchase a pair of historically accurate logging boots, we would be welcome to. Never spoiled for choices in modern times, the new variety of menswear offerings was a relief to many men who would occasionally sneak enviable glances at womenswear hoping for similar options for self-expression.
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