German women’s clothing line Schiess, formerly "Alexandra Schiess", embodies the concept of sartorial essentials. The designer’s eponymous business focuses on morphing sustainability and couture into a single form with her pants, shirts, dresses and layering pieces. Based in a neutral color palate, the collections are seasonless and versatile with adjustable hems, flowing silhouettes and contemporary cuts, all crafted with supple textiles.

Choosing to design her favorite pieces in lieu of any trend, Schiess produces her garments in-house with certified organic fibers sourced from Germany and Europe. Often repurposing textiles from a previous season, Schiess manages to form her jersey fabric designs into pieces that channel classic silhouettes reminiscent of the 1920’s, while still making them wearable wardrobe staples. Always aware of the human form, the designs fit just as easily into your daytime wardrobe as they do your evening and are ideal for easy travel wears.

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