Shockoe Atelier

Handmade in small batches in Shockoe’s Atelier in their Richmond Virginia Workshop, Shockoe Atelier is the work of Anthony and Pierre Lupesco. Their carefully bred philosophy of precise material construction was honed by European influences. Their denim is rife with noteworthy details that set it apart with an exquisite fit. The fact that Shockoe offers free repairs for life reflects that they make their denim to stand the test of time. Like any great work of art, each pair is hand-signed and numbered. Another distinguishing factor of Shockoe are the Japanese Mills they have sought out to source their denim. Their mainstays are Kuroki Mill and Collect Mill; the speciality of Japanese fabric lies partly in the vintage shuttle looms they employ for weaving, coupled with ancient methods of dyeing and finishing, they are nearly unrivaled in their quality.

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