Simon Miller

Rinsed in natural intentions, finding a befitting connection to modernism as a movement, Simon Miller is a label committed to authenticity and taut with ruminations on the natural world and its influence on design. An established legend of the art of fabrication, Japanese textiles reign in full tilt with practical and mystical elements at play in their story. Ancient looms and sacred water couple with the archaic learnings of their craftsmanship. In an effort to keep their influences balanced, the brand produces their wares in Los Angeles.

Their collections are saturated in elemental earth tones and highly considered minimal forms with fragments of the raw found in finishing details. Denim is washed in contrasting hues with unfinished fringe and varied silhouettes. Mid and crop length leather coats are principal, reminding the cult followers that the brand clutches a complex backbone in their love of the primitive alchemized with streetwear cool. Simon Miller is instinct bound, committed to their tenants of high quality design, the authenticity found in process, elemental occurrences and the neoteric history of design.

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