The Wandering Protagonist

Silently compelled to wander forth. Enigmatic messages delivered without a word. Weighted dreams formed into inspired garments. Delicate transparency sways through a manicured hedge maze. Bewilder the sun to set and the moon to envy your shadow. 

We elected The Wandering Protagonist as our Fall muse at Baby & Company - we ignited our ideas for in store offerings and installations with her in mind. We extended her reach into multiple art forms; and with it created a set of interdisciplinary works centered on this singular idea.

many thanks to—
Direction and fashion styling: Anna Telcs
Cinematography and editing: Ryan Patterson
Music: Garek Jon Druss
Photography: Christina Hicks
Assistant styling: Kimberly Douglass
Hair & Makeup: Jamyrlyn Mallory
Grip: Sohail Fazluddin



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Poem by Brit Parks


ancient habits intact a column of solitude a
sympathetic muse
your glass ending is living
the objects you made are breathing

as broad as your breath
from this to this we cover our glass limbs

                                                                                           a remedy is a flaw

the weight of marble is lighter than the air off our lips
a strange longing to mold and
sculpt a rendering of you
our alchemy in glass bottles of measured air
some boats are very brave and stay above the cold sea air in metal shrouds

an origami raven inching through the streets bewildered the lights to dim

                                                                                            we wanted a hume
                                                                                            we wanted a likeness
we resist our own explanations
taut on a plume we slowly fade
the modes of liberty in a second inaugurate time

We invite our good company to roam, veer, meander and venture through Fall in their own uniform of the dedicated or demure grace. 

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